Bambu x1 plate reddit price, There is the K1 Speedy, which is a goo Bambu x1 plate reddit price, There is the K1 Speedy, which is a good competitor to the P1P but has no lidar or camera. This is what is currently available to pre-order. Our Verdict. That's a lot of money for an FDM 3D printer, but for that price, you get reliability, LiDAR automatic The “high temp” sticker is a smooth pei sheet. SKU: 581538. P1P + Hotends + Extruder Gear. 00 USD $699. They make a textured pei plate that doesn’t use stickers and that is great. $599. I know this is often a problem when printing material like ABS and nylon, but I've never experienced this with PLA before. I printed the same print on a PEI plate and it looks very similar. So yes it is a plus point. The details: Printer: X1C. Hopefully that fixes Force Sensor 2 errors, z-axis fails and adhesion issues on the back left of the PEI plate. And like most of the equivalent CF, it requires a closed, heated chamber The Prusa definitely isn't cheaper. I have also done honeycomb bases in Bambu matte white pla with no issues on my Wham bam. If only I had a 3D printer that could print that quality benchy right out of the box. The X1 comes with a full enclosure, a camera, a better fan, a better screen, LiDAR, and possibly more. • 1 yr. UPC: 921035779469. Add to cart. To achieve 1:1 with the Bambu X1C, the Prusa XL will be $2,500 for single color, $2,999 for dual extruder, $3,999 for 5 extruders. (besides the price and all the stuff it can do) was the fact that the founders all came from DJI (the drone manufacturer I tested 6 different print sheet adhesives with PETG on the Bambu cool plate. Dissatisfied with gluestick, I tested alternatives, here are my findings. They ship the x1c with a roll of nylon CF. Z-offset - Stock. Don't get me wrong, the Ultimaker 3 is a great printer, but the larger filament and price don't make it better than a Prusa. Bitvar • 26 days ago. Reply build plate and fans Reply It didn’t actually home. You need to find that post. ADD TO CART. Also the enclosure for the prusa cost a lot extra the Bambu X1 comes with one. Both have been washed thoroughly and both are giving me trouble (see the example benchy below). If you X1 - Carbon Combo 3D Printer 5" Color LCD Screen; Automatic Leveling; Bambu Cool Plate; 256 x 256 x 256mm Print Size. 4 BOM without assembly I also have an MK3s and the Energetic smooth side actually holds a little better than the standard Prusa smooth PEI. Layer height: 0. Honey badger makes a pei plate that doesn’t use stickers. Infill: 100%. I am having lots of fun printing with my x1 Carbon printer and am amazed at how automated the processes are to complete a print. Not sure his Reddit or discord name. Actually printed this twice, second time even worse than first attempt. I get that people are posting here in the hopes of getting help, but I think it gives people the wrong impression of their products. Ask a question. JUSTS. I also like the flex build plates to remove parts. FLAT Glass Plate for X1 - Perfect Fit. Mfr Part #: FAC001. r/BambuLab A chip A close button. Better meaning smoother to the touch. Let’s go with assembled prices because most institutions and professionals don’t have the time to put a kit together, especially if they’re purchasing multiple printers. With a mid-range budget, the P1P competes admirably with the more expensive FDM printers we've tested in print quality, ease of use, and especially in the large and dedicated About to buy a Bambu Lab X1-Carbon. The price of the ams+p1 is around the same price as a prebuilt Prusa mk3s+. The Prusa MK3S and the Bambu X1 are much closer in price than the X1 is to the Prusa XL. Purchase a printer and enjoy: 6 months of Bambu Filament Membership benefits! 25% OFF for selected filaments (displayed during checkout)! Product Features. Joe Rice-Jones/SlashGear. Additionally we might want to try sanding/scuffing garolite with 2000 grit sandpaper to reduce any weird reflections that might screw up the lidar. Bambu PLA Cool Plate. Join us as we review the new Bambu Lab X1 Carbon – an exciting new feature-packed 3D printer that is far more than just a pretty face. Good luck with your X1 if Bambu can't keep afloat. Accurately controlled chamber temperature (up to 60°C or 140°F) I remember seeing someone here mention the Bambu X1 Carbon, at the time it was crowd funding campaign. Also the bambu comes ready for TPU, ABS, Nylon, PC. I've used a mini before but never owned one for myself. $54. Standard speed (100%). I also have an Ultimaker 3 and a Bambu X1 Carbon. I want to say that I have had my X1C for 4 months now, and IT. Bambu Lab X1 - Carbon Combo 3D Printer; 5" Color LCD Screen; Automatic Leveling; Bambu Cool Plate; 256 x Bambu Lab X1 - Carbon Combo 3D Printer; 5" Color LCD Screen; Automatic Leveling; Bambu Cool Plate; 256 x 256 $1,449. If you can afford both it may be worth it to get the X1. Looks like the new bambu machine is going to be a cheaper version of the X1 Carbon without an enclosure, hd touch screen, or lidar. ago. $2. UPC: 921055740355. These machines are an order of magnitude more complex than others like a Prusa or a Qidi. The X1's cool plate will tear with PETG unless glue's used, and engineering plate is slippery for PETG to adhere well. but I want to print out some helmets and some cos play stuff and The Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo Bundle is an optimized 3D printing experience for users of any level. So the AMS is definetly a advantage over the Prusa if you want multicolor printing. Sure, the P1P will print simple materials like PLA or PETG just as good, but if you ever did want to get into ABS, Nylon, etc youd have to do a lot of upgrades to get there. Here we discuss everything related to Bambu Lab 3D printers. I see all of these posts one after another that show all these problems with the various Bambu Labs printers. As reviewed, the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo with AMS costs $1,449. 00 USD. And even though Bambi recommends their own filament for the AMS, I’ve used a few other brands without issue. 99. Major Warping with PLA? I just got done printing this build plate holder in Bambu Lab Orange PLA Basic on the Bambu Textured PEI build plate on my X1 Carbon, and one end of the print has some serious warping. I have an X1-Carbon and when I print larger pieces that cover the majority of the bed. Shipping rates vary by locations. I own a P1S and the textured PEI plate it came with has been superb with About to buy a Bambu Lab X1-Carbon. Add To List. Bambu Lab X1 $1,449. The default plate and glue mess just don't fit with the rest of the Bambu approach. jr22222 • X1C + AMS • 3 mo. Bed temp: 100C, Engineering plate coated with Magigoo. Can anyone explain the diferences please? Who has had their Bambu X1 Carbon and/or P1P for a few months and still love it I've been really impressed by the amount of enthusiasm and number of positive reviews of the There is a guy that post on Bambu Reddit that has tried almost everything and lists his results. The X1E can actively heat and regulate the chamber temperature. Wyllio • 4 mo. 9. Layer shifting, stringing, failed print on 3rd print! 5 days old Bambu X1C. The build plate sheet is hard to put on and align, should have the 2 easy pins like on the mk3/mk4. You can use the bambu printers as a beginner but that is not a warrant to have no trouble. which is a 300mm³ build volume, with all you listed above, but we have no price info yet. Open menu Open navigation Go to Reddit Home. Order Info. We are obligated to open-source Part 1 because of the open-source license. Printing with just a few sprays of alcohol pla, petg However the Mk3s+ has the upper hand in terms of slicer support and 3rd party accessories. an aluminium extrusion frame like the voron 2. Right now the K1 Speedy seems a good alternative to the P1P, but until we see the price of the K1 MAX we won't know how much it goes toe to to with the Bambu labs X1(C). That is a big reason why I am contemplating the X-1 - it is basically at the same price point once all is factored in. Question - is there a preferred vendor to use when buying the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon? They have a package deal on the Bambu site for Bambu plates. You simply shouldn’t use TPU in the AMS. Just XY home then center build plate and xy Mech comp but didn’t actually touch the bed till it went over to left front corner where it sits and heats up to 240 and melts a damn hole in my cold plate after 10 or so prints which this one doesn’t so as it skips that waiting to head up while nozzle is basically touching the bed. 4 is way stiffer than the bambu frame - the x1 is basically a resonance chamber, thin metal frame pieces and panels - but compare the price of an X1 to just the voron 2. In other words, you're going to wait days to get a resolution and you'll have to wait for parts to be Option: P1P. Bambu Cool Plate, Bambu Engineering Plate: Build Plate Surface (Optional) Bambu Hot Plate: Max Build Plate Temperature: 110 °C: Max Speed of Tool Head: 500 mm/s: Max Acceleration of Tool Head: 20 m/s^2: Max Hot End Flow: 32 mm^3/s: Part Cooling Fan: Closed-Loop Control: Hot End Fan: Closed-Loop Control: Control Board . PPA SATA III 90 Frequently Bought Together. There's no Satin sheet equivalent for the Bambu unfortunately, which is my go-to plate for pretty much everything on the Prusa. Mfr Part #: DIS001. Dimensions: 10 cm diameter, 8 cm height, only a 4 mm plate contact width. Most CF is embedded in high temp plastics, Bambu Labs has an EXCELLENT one tuned for the printer, but it's not cheap - $95 US/kg (a competitive price too). The MK3S+ is $1,100 and the Bambu X1 is $1,000. 00. Front Glass Door for X1. Excellent purchase. Not even a Polymaker PA-CF, Bambu PA-CF, CarbonX Obsidian, and even Polymaker PLA-CF. 4 hardened steel (stock profile) @ 290C. 8 Monochrome LCD Screen; Automatic Leveling; Textured PEI Plate Bed; 256 x 256 x $699. He posts a bunch on the Facebook. - The Bambu textured plate very closely matches the Prusa one, and again--Matterhacker plates. If it doesn’t, you probably have a clog in either the Cloud components to connect Bambu Studio to the Bambu Cloud. Bambu slicer currently doesn’t support rafts so if your model needs rafts that could be an issue. CarbonX Obsidian is about 90 to 95% of the way there to my Markforged Onyx printer results, with exception of very thin Then, voila! The Bambu X1 Carbon showed up on my radar and I opted into the kickstarter the same day. The purpose of the front glass door is to keep the inside of the printer closed, thus $2. There are 2 K1's. Despite these issues I had work get an X1C and 4 AMS units. Since I got my X1C 3 days ago I've been really struggling to get PLA, of all things, to produce a nice first layer. Though not on the cheaper end of available options, the Bambu Lab P1P is the first of Bambu's line of budget printers, and it impressed us immensely. It's just a stripped down x1, that's only 699. 1. And the resin is between 5 and 10 times Sure, the Bambu Lab X1 is a premium printer priced at ~1000$ at the moment so it’s expected to perform well and I am happy to say that Bambu Lab managed to live up to the expectations. It's gotten pretty good feedback so far, and goes into preorder this Friday. Bambu does seem like the better machine in terms of having all the fancy features, larger build volume, enclosure, high-temp materials, lidar, time-lapse camera, etc. It has vision miner ceramic coating on it which lasts 5-6 prints; clean it with IPA and reapply). That's reality. I know a lot of folks have had issues with the flatness of their print bed. Even if they're young, that's incredibly fast for what seems like a stable platform. Bad PLA first layer adhesion on cold plate. Frankly it is the best printer on the market in it's price range. It also appears they are using a finer powder coat, similar to 3rd party plates I've used which have much better adhesion than the black Bambu PEI plate. Multi-Material filament support lists the Prusa XL as "any". Recommendation for X1C build plate. Is that a good deal, or are there better ones out there? Order direct from Bambu, that’s what I did and I got it in 2 business days, crazy. Looks The X1C does not have a bill of materials that costs 3-5 as much. For the price, I'd rather have multiple Prusa printers instead of the Ultimaker 3. Bed Temp - 70°. 2. 711×573 92. Some estimates suggest it will require 10 to 20 hours for a user to assemble a Prusa XL kit. Time will tell with dependability, but their store prices on replacement parts are roughly 1/2 of Prusa's so I'm not worried. Done probably 10 prints of the different materials and no issue This is the engineering plate heated to 60 for PLA. The moving mechanical parts and the myriad of electro mechanical sensors in a Bambu X1 does not bode well for years of reliability. Until you learn to import and export the individual models from Bambu Studio its just easier to let the Bambu printer print them. Yes full bed leveling procedure. Tried both the cool plate and their textured PEI. With Bambu Lab PLA, plate temp increased to 48C, P1P sits inside an oversized enclosure. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. In addition, I think that Bambu made a poor choice not shipping the PEI plate by default. Question - is there a preferred vendor to use when buying the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon? They have a package deal on the Bambu site for about $1,500. by Dizzy-Light2093. Multi Color & Multi Material Join us as we review the new Bambu Lab X1 Carbon – an exciting new feature-packed 3D printer that is far more than just a pretty face. 1. However I've found the Energetic plate covers my needs well. Welcome to Bambu Lab! Here we discuss everything related to Bambu Lab 3D printers. SKU: 581512. P1P to X1C is $500 price difference Reply reply If you do PETG as well, still get the P1P as it comes with the textured plate. For the price that Prusa is charging, the X1C is worth every penny. Decided to try their . The bambu users seems to be very special, as you can see you get downvoted for asking a valid question. by gjsjxbfms. 1mm thicker and the plate is heavier. Its 100% the future of 3d printing. 75mm Orange PLA+ 3D Printer Filament - Spooless. I just happened to look at their website to notice they $1,449. X1C also has salmon skin effect even when printing slow and at a constant speed. Get app Get the Reddit Top 10 Bambu Lab X1 Upgrades: Paid And Free | 3D Print Beginner Got the plate from Francis and it was been so much better. you should check out the bambu p1p if you want to get a budget option. Z-hop - Stock. I finally decided to go for a glass plate when I Recommendation for X1C build plate : r/BambuLab. 6 KB. Also, the X1(C) has an optional multi material unit, and so far we have heard nothing from Creality if they will be supplying one. bigcane_2. Here is a knitting cylinder, it is hollow. For the PA-CF, the more expensive the material the better surface finish I've been getting on my Bambu X1C. The one thing I didn't do was dry the filament If you want to use those advanced features individualized to Bambu printers, you need to stick to Bambu Studio. I would imagine a matte surface similar to the cool plate's appearance could cause less issues than a highly reflective glass-like surface that G10 often comes with. Real World bambu Lab X1C experience. Bambu Labs has a support level that is on-par with the average low-cost consumer electronics item. Yep. The x1 blows your mind. My concern is breathing the fumes cuz I work next to the printer. Nozzle - 0. Bambu Lab X1 - $6. Fill - I absolutely love the textured plate, I haven't used anything else since I got it, phenomenal. Continue with the provider and email address you used when you subscribed. Often it simply fails to stick, goops up around the nozzle at various stages during the printing process and its driving me nuts. I tested each method by thoroughly cleaning the print sheet first, printing a 5x50x50 cube, letting it cool down for 5 minutes after printing and inspecting the result. I did a full calibration before this one too The AMS works well and yes it produces a lot of waste but systems like dual extruders or similar cost more than double the price of the Bambu Lab. $18. Its true multi-material vs multi-colour and the size of the build plate changes the game. I pop or scrape the pieces off (most pieces bending the plate a bit will pop it right off, just make sure the plate has cooled down), wipe off with a lint free towel, then give it 5-6 sprays of isopropyl. Use the P1P or X1 Series printers to print the 3mf files, not another printer. Not even a Leaks on New Bambu Printer! Someone dug up these leaks on the prusa server. And there is the K1 MAX. Periodically you need to repeat the steel wool scrub with ipa in order to refresh the surface and deep clean. Layer height - 0. Anyway, asked Bambu about these problem, they asked for data, and determined I do have problems and promptly sent me a new bed. UPC: 921035779476. Wham Bam 258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre SKU: 581561. Filament: Bambu PAHT-CF (stock profile) Nozzle: 0. Our plan is to combine Parts 1 and 2 together and open-source them as a project-based slicer which works as a stand-alone application on local computers and is compatible with most third-party printers. Bambu was formed 22 months ago and already has 2 printers, an industry leading MMU system (still has a ways to tweak), and a great slicer. Write a review. Who has had their Bambu X1 Carbon and/or P1P for a few months and still love it . Replacement Filament Cutter 3 $54. 4mm nozzle as well. I own a prusa, a creality and a bambu x1. Overview. Bed Treatment - Magicgoo PA or PC (Just helps 1st layer adhesion) Bed - Engineering Plate. Nozzle temp - 230° (no higher) the only way I would go from here is down. In the price list, there are quite a few different types of plate. Its fully enclosed and perhaps an ultimaker would be better comparison for the x1. If you like to print CF stuff you need an enclosure, so the X1 would be the better choice or you build your own enclosure. Again though- they will get damaged over time and you’ll have to toss the whole build plate if you don’t have a sticker. Contemplating buying the Bambu Lab P1s but just saw the Creality K1 Max on sale for $719 now I’m confused. I don't really have the room to move it anywhere else that's more ventilated. Inland 1. The X1C is faster than the F370 and operating cost is about a factor of 6 lower. Customers who viewed this also viewed. Order will be shipped out from USA warehouse in 1-3 business days once being processed. High Resolution Screen for X1. $16. That means the printer isn't built to a $5000+ price point. In between these issues have been some stunning prints. I would compare the P1P with ams vs mk3s. If you are doing multiple plates without switching filament, you can skip the flow calibration because it isn't really going to change. The XL is a different beast altogether. The Minis have not been as reliable. 2mm nozzle and do a 25% benchy (which I have done on my Ender 3) and it refuses to stick at all, doesnt matter what speed either), was having issues with the stock . 4. Edit: As for why the stock Bambu plates Printers are far different than computers when it comes to expected reliability. I'm planning to replace all of my MK3S+ machines with X1Cs. Wham Bam 258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface for Bambu Lab X1C and P1P. Walmeister55. It may shock you to learn that nearly everything is like 5-300 cents in raw materials and the end-price is pretty arbitrary. Hi, I'm planning to pull the trigger on a Bambu X1 Carbon. This while the Bambu X1C takes perhaps 15 minutes to assemble. I also suggest swapping out your 0000 for 000 stainless steel wool to achieve the proper abrasion. It offers a large 256mm x 256mm x 256mm build volume, includes AI Reduce Warping, Improve Layer Bonding. The spring steel sheet is a bit thicker, can confirm from the product page that it's . Pre-heated bed at 120C for about 20 minutes prior to printing to get chamber temp up to 45C. Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer; 2. Bambu Lab should not have shipped the printer with the garbage plate and glue sticks, proper PEI plates should have been there from the beginning. Mfr Part #: FAS002. 2. I've done the most common steps: recalibrated the printer I have an MK4 on order, it'll be my first printer and I also debated between this and the X1C. Try without the AMS (just using the spool holder) if it works fine, check the filament buffer and make sure the spring is properly aligned and not stuck/jammed (you may also want to check for broken filament in the AMS, but that’s less likely the issue). It costs $1100, and then a solid enclosure will cost a few hundred wherever you source it, so you're basically at the same price, except the Bambu comes with multi materials at that price. I was going to go with the multi tool head prusa until the Bambu carbon x1 came around. I print 70% ABS, 15% PLA 10% other and 5% PETG. On Hatchbox, its cheaper to get it from them then It’s just 5-6 times more expensive than the standard DLP printers, whereas Bambu really managed an excellent price for the quality. The extra plate is nice, wear parts are nice, but I’d say #1 thing you’ll need is filament and ideas. You’ll burn through it making you own designs as well as other peoples. 0 Reviews. 6mm.

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